Session VIII – Sustainability: Models, Modes, Money

Moderator: David Curry, CVEP

Elizabeth Ponder, BVGH
Sustainability: The R&D Pipeline for Neglected Disease Vaccines
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Ponder]
[video: here ]

Robert Oelrichs, World Bank
An Immunization Financing Toolkit: World Bank and the GAVI Alliance
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Oelrichs]
[video: here ]

Mike McQuestion, Sabin Vaccine Institute
Reflections on the Ethics of Sustainable Immunization Financing
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_McQuestion]
[video: Part I, Part II ]

Wendy Taylor, USAID
[no slides]
[video: Part I, Part II ]

Respondents :
Don Light, Stanford;  
Peg Willingham, UN Foundation



Sabin Vaccine Institute: Addis Meeting on Immunization Financing 2011
Sabin_Colloquium_Addis_28-29 III 11_FinalReport

Sustaining GAVI-supported vaccine introductions in resource-poor countries
Patrick L.F. Zubera,  Ibrahim El-Ziqb, Miloud Kaddara, Ann E. Ottosenb, Katinka Rosenbaumb, Meredith Shireyb, Lidija Kamaraa, Philippe Duclosa
Sustaining GAVI supported vaccines – Vaccine 2011

BVGH Global Health Primer, available at:

New BVGH report:
The Vaccine Landscape for Neglected Diseases: A Perspective from the Global Health Primer
available at:

More resources being added soon…

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