Session VII – Industry to 202X: Profit, Priorities, Public Responsibility

Moderator: David Curry, CVEP

Mark Fienberg, Merck
Facilitating Vaccine Innovation and Access to Address Global Health Needs
[slides:  Global Vaccines 202X_Feinberg ]
[video:  here]

Clem Lewin, Novartis
Global Vaccines 202X: Access, Equity, Ethics
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Lewin]
[video: here ]

Nick Jackson, Pfizer
Pfizer’s Commitment to the Advance Market Commitment (AMC)
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Jackson]
video: here ]

Michael Watson, sanofi pasteur
Profit, Priorities, Public Responsibility: Understanding and balancing healthy tensions and avoiding unhealthy polarisation
[slides: Globall Vaccines 202X_Watson ]
[video:  here]

Suresh Jadhav, Serum Institute
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework for the sharing of Influenza Viruses and Access to Vaccines and other Benefits : Industry Perspective
[slides:  Global Vaccines 202X_Jadhav_PIP Update]
Industry to 202X: Profit, Priorities, Public Responsibilty. DC Manufacturer Perspective
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Jadhav ]
[video:  Part I, Part II ]


Session Abstract

The vaccine industry – both in the developed and developing world – is obviously critical to global immunization performance and the “vaccines enterprise” overall: Further, the growth and viability of vaccine makers – publicly-traded, government-sponsored, or hybrid in form – is equally critical: How the industry is likely to evolve over the decade-plus ahead to maintain that viability must factor into guiding the larger ecosystem supporting global pubic health and immunization goals:

Equally, industry must engage and contribute to the decade ahead in the form of the DoV Collaboration where invited, and the Global Vaccine Acton Plan (GVEP) when presented: Without industry affirmation and commitment, the GVEP cannot be as strong as it will need to be to meet aspirations around access, equity and ethical immunization:

For many reasons, the voice of industry is often segregated – or indeed precluded – from direct engagement in the processes driving immunization policy and vaccine deployment despite its material role: This session provide an opportunity for leading vaccine manufacturers to present their thinking around our symposium themes – access, equity, ethics – as they balance the triple imperatives of profitability, competing priorities, and public responsibility.


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