Session V – Case Studies: Rotavirus, Meningococcal, Malaria

Moderator: Paul Offit, CHOP

John Boslego, PATH
Can we achieve rotavirus vaccine immunization worldwide by 202X?
[slides:  Global Vaccines 202X_Boslego]
[video: here  ]

F: Marc LaForce, PATH
Introduction and impact of a new group A meningococcal conjugate vaccine in Africa
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_LaForce ]
[video: Part I, Part II  ]

Christian Loucq, PATH
Malaria Vaccines: Promise and Challenges
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Loucq]
[video: Part I, Part II ]

Patrick Zuber, WHO
Shane Green, MRC Global – Toronto


We need to make rotavirus vaccines available to all children
Statement by the GAVI Alliance interim CEO, Helen Evans
Geneva, 28 April 2011 – Rotavirus disease continues to be a significant global health problem. As illustrated in newly released surveillance data by WHO and CDC, globally, 36% of children’s hopitalisation for diarrhoea are due to rotavirus infection.
But while the global rotavirus disease burden remains high, encouraging and growing evidence suggests that the introduction of rotavirus vaccines substantially reduce severe and fatal diarrhoea in young children.
Recognising the enormous potential impact of rotavirus vaccines on reducing child mortality, GAVI added rotavirus vaccines to its portfolio of vaccines for the poorest countries around the world. To date, four GAVI eligible countries have introduced the vaccine: Nicaragua, Honduras, Bolivia and Guyana. Sudan will be the first African country to introduce rotavirus vaccines before the end of the year.
GAVI is committed to working with its partners to accelerate the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in poor countries, and demand for rotavirus vaccines from GAVI-eligible countries is high.
With such life-saving tools within our reach, GAVI counts on the support of policymakers and donors to help accelerate the introduction of new and underused vaccines to the poorest children of the world. A successful outcome of GAVI’s Pledging Conference on 13 June will allow another 4 million lives to be saved.

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