Session IV – Eradication: Ethics, Autonomy, Priorities

Moderator, Robert Field, Drexel University

Alan Hinman, Task Force for Global Health
[slides:  Global Vaccines 202X_Hinman]
[video: here ]

David Brandling-Bennett, Gates Foundation
Malaria Eradication: Ethics, Autonomy, Priorities
[slides:  Global Vaccines 202X_Brandling-Bennett]
[video: here ]

Claudia Emerson, MRC Global
The Moral Case for Eradication
[slides: Global Vaccines 202X_Emerson ]
[video: here ]

Art Caplan, Penn Bioethics
[no slides]
[video: here ]


More resources being added soon…

Chapter from “Disease Eradication in the 21st Century: Implications for Global Health,” edited by
Stephen L. Cochi and Walter R. Dowdle. Strüngmann Forum Report, vol. 7, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
Walker – Rabinovich_Chapter_Eradication Investment Case_April 2011









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