Opinion – Europe: Combating Poverty at Its Roots – David Cameron

Wall Street Journal
Accessed 3 November 2012

Opinion – Europe
Combating Poverty at Its Roots
Economic development requires aid, but also sound institutions. Britain can lead on both fronts.

There is an old debate between those who say the way to tackle global poverty is to spend more on aid and those who believe instead that the solution is to deal with the weak institutions, corruption and conflict in developing countries. The truth is that right now, we need to do both.

We need to honor our promises to the poor, because people are dying unnecessarily and our aid is needed to save them. But we also need to tackle the causes of poverty, not just its symptoms. And that means a radical new approach to supporting what I call “the golden thread” of conditions that enable open economies and open societies to thrive: the rule of law, the absence of conflict and corruption, and the presence of property rights and strong institutions. It is only when people can get a job and a voice that they can take control of their own destiny and a build a future free from poverty.

I believe Britain is in a unique position to lead this new approach…


Twitter Watch [accessed 27 October 2012 16:43]

Twitter Watch  [accessed 27 October 2012  16:43]
Items of interest from a variety of twitter feeds associated with immunization, vaccines and global public health. This capture is highly selective and is by no means intended to be exhaustive.

Bill Gates ‏@BillGates
Why has India been so successful at helping to #endpolio? Great interview from The New York Times: http://b-gat.es/TH2gpi 
Retweeted by Sabin Vaccine Inst.
5:03 PM – 24 Oct 12

Health Evidence ‏@HealthEvidence
Influenza Immunization Awareness Month: 43 high quality reviews on the flu shot http://goo.gl/Xmoe8 

The Wistar Institute ‏@TheWistar
The rotavirus vaccine developed at Wistar helps prevent an infection that kills >500K kids each year. #40DaysofWistar http://bit.ly/TtgHx9 
6:48 AM – 26 Oct 12 ·

PAHO/WHO ‏@pahowho
The @WHO Region of the Americas has had no endemic (naturally-transmitted) cases of #rubella infection since 2009. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs367/en/index.html …
5:50 AM – 26 Oct 12

Improving vaccination coverage, especially with rubella virus, for children, women helps prevent congenital anomalies http://goo.gl/3VsRd 
2:50 AM – 26 Oct 12

M&R Initiative ‏@MeaslesRubella
#LionsClubs meet #Gates Challenge by contributing US$10 million to protect children from measles and other diseases. http://bit.ly/TZQFC1 
1:42 AM – 26 Oct 12

EveryWomanEveryChild ‏@UnfEWEC
For <$5, vaccines protect against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea & polio. Yet 1 in 5 kids are not vaccinated. #vaccineswork #APromiseRenewed
Retweeted by M&R Initiative
1:47 PM – 24 Oct 12