This symposium is being convened by the Center for Vaccines Ethics and Policy with support from its founders: the Penn Center for Bioethics, the Wistar Institute Vaccine Center, and the Vaccine Education Center of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Generous support has been provided by The Franklin Institute Science Museum, PATH, MVI, and IVI; and by vaccine industry leaders GSK, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, and sanofi pasteur, with additional support from Berkley Life Sciences.

Global Vaccines 202X: Symposium Resources

Participant List with Contact Info: CVEP_Global Vaccines 202X Symposium_2-4 May 2011_Final Participant List

Presentation Slides, Agenda Readings and Links

Please click on the agenda session below for presentation slides, video segments, additional information, readings and helpful links to content supporting session themes:


Monday – 2 May 2011
Opening Keynote: Realizing the Promise of Global Vaccines  [Seth Berkley]

Session I :: 202X Trends and Perspectives – Goals, Governance, Innovation, Immunization Strategy

Keynote: The Value of Evidence in Immunization  [Anne Schuchat]

Session II – Panel: Evidence: Practice, Policy and Ethical Challenges to 202X

Keynote: Vaccination: Personal Responsibility; Community Imperative  [Art Caplan]


Tuesday –  3 May 2011

Keynote: WHO’s Immunization Policy Framework: Is it achieving its goal? [Helen Rees]

Session III – Civil Society and Immunization Policy: Advisory Bodies/NITAGs, Access, Equity, Ethics

Session IV – Eradication: Ethics, Autonomy, Priorities

Keynote: Tachi Yamada, Gates Foundation

Session V – Case Studies: Rotavirus, Meningococcal, Malaria

Session VI – Decade of Vaccines Collaboration: Overview/Update

Keynote: Chris Elias, PATH


Wednesday, 4 May 2011
Update: Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework

Session VII – Industry to 202X: Profit, Priorities, Public Responsibility

Session VIII – Sustainability: Models, Modes, Money

Keynote: David Salisbury, Department of Health, United Kingdom

Session IX – Political Will, Public Confidence, and Immunization Impact: Priorities, Policies, Perceptions

Session X – Action Discussion/Closing Remarks/Adjourn



Keynote :: Global Events, Global Vectors: Managing Responsibility – The Hajj 
[Ziad Memish]













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